Minute To Win It Party Games

This is a pretty late in the day to post this idea, but if you are having a New Years Party tonight, a great idea to do with your guests is to have a Minute To Win It game session.  I organized one for our Christmas family dinner this year, and it was a big success.  I was sure some members of my family would be complaining, but they got into it pretty fast.  I think they all had fun, and there were a LOT of laughs.

Minute To Win It is a game show on NBC tv.  The premise is to have players play games with ordinary objects found in every household, and they have one minute to complete the tasks.  Some games are done with partners, and other games are done by ones self.  Click on the links below to see the shows Game Blueprint Videos.

The holiday games we played are:

Merry Fishmas – Instead of candy canes, I used ornaments.  I tied a thread to a chopstick, and took the hook off the ornament and tied it to the thread instead.  The hook part then has to fish the ornament up.  I had about a 30″ thread, and this task actually proved to be quite difficult.  I made 2 “fishing rods” so we did the task in sets of two, but you can do as many people as you have rods, or ornaments!  My dad actually won this game!  He is 89, and we thought his shaky hands would have the hardest time with this, but he beat all of us!

Face the Cookie – We just used regular cookies for this.  This is another game that you can have many people play it at a time.  However, half the fun is watching others do it.

Christmas Ball Conveyor – This actually was pretty tough.  Most teams couldn’t get it to go all the way around.  I should  have made the hook a bit loopier to help the ornament stay on.

Do You Hear What I Hear – I purchased 7 identical boxes from the dollar store.  When I saw this on tv, it seemed very easy, but in real life, only one person got the order correct.  I would maybe suggest using multiples of 6 or 7 bells (instead of 5) in each box to make it easier if you need to.  Also, I did buy bells, but they were pretty expensive.  I probably could have done well with dried kidney beans or something else.

Jingle In The Trunk 

Christmas Fan Ball

Christmas Cliffhanger

Christmas In The Balance

The last 4 games, we didn’t try.  People were wandering off, and it was getting close to dinner time.  We had 14 people to do all of the tasks.  Some we paired up, but we probably should have paired even more.  Have 4 people at a time doing these tasks, or have a round robin of the tasks, so a few games are going on at one time.

We set up a computer to play the videos of the games so people knew the rules.  Don’t forget to get a timer as well, whether you download a timer from the internet, or use a cellphone timer, each task takes 60 seconds.

Anyways, it is a great party idea for bridal showers, kids parties, and family gettogethers.  Watch a few of the NBC episodes, and especially the game blueprints beforehand.  Try them out to see the difficulty of them as well, as some are much harder than they look.  Buy some goofy prizes from the dollar store for the winners of each game.


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