Shades of Blue Quilt

My second quilt I ever completed was a king sized quilt that was meant to be strippy quilt of greens and blues.  However after purchasing (and cutting!) all the strips, and I started to sew it all together, the green did not go well in the quilt.  I seam ripped all of the green out, and went to the store to find more blue shades.

At the point of all that seamripping, I also realized that I didn’t like the equal 3″ strips I was using for every line.  So I cut some of the strips in half to 1.5″, and the new blue fabrics I bought, I cut some of them up to 4″.  The scrappy look of thick and thin strips helped the look of this quilt alot. 

I did a lot of book research on what sort of quilting pattern to do.  I am dying to try out free-motion quilting, but since I am still new to quilting, and the fact that a king size quilt is REALLY large to manage for a beginner on a regular sewing machine, I just did a cross hatch quilting line pattern.

I backed it with a nice floral print, and bound it with a small blue and white polkadot print.

This quilt got finished last summer.  That is when I came up with the plan for the the twin quilts I am still working on now.  I am sure that the quilting part of the twin size quilts be be MUCH easier than this king quilt was!  Uggh.  It will be awhile before I attempt that again.  But y’know I will……..

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