Fabric Rope Basket

In one of my previous posts, I had shown a fabric rag basket that I had seen on the net, and wanted to make.  I have gotten around to it.  I will share with you my woes of my first try at this.

The instructions I found on the net say to use a 1/4″ cotton clothesline rope, wrap it with fabric, and then put in in your sewing machine and sew it around with a zigzag stitch.  So I started with 1/4″ cording and started to wrap that with 3/4″ strips of fabric (of which I used 24 total strips).  However, I would still be sitting there wrapping that rope had I kept on with that method.  The 1/4″ rope is just too small and tedious, and didn’t have a lot of body to hold a firm bowl shape, and the scale of the fabric would be lost with all the stitching.  I would maybe try a small bowl with that, but I wanted a bigger bowl.   So I unwrapped it all, and started again with a 3/8″ diameter rope that I purchased at the hardware store.  However, the 3/8″ rope does not fit underneath my presser foot to zig zag it.  I thought I would have to resort to (GASP!!!) h a n d s t i t c h i ng!!!!  Yuk.  I hate handstitching even an INCH of seam.  Let alone a whole bowl, but I started to do it.  It looked like crap.  It was so loose that the bowl was flopping all over the place.  I then started using straight pins to keep it together while I stitched.  The pins make the bowl incredibly firm, and stayed exactly where I wanted it to.  I fact, I stopped stitching at one point, and just left the pins in every 4″ or so completing the whole bowl to see if I sould get away with just pins!  It did look great, but the top handles kept coming undone.  So I unravelled the coils, and went back with a gluegun, and glued the thing together along with the pins to hold it tight until the glue dried.  Then I pulled the pins out.  It looks ok, but I am going to have to do more experimenting with these methods to finetune it.  Stay tuned!

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